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Eco Group includes 6 different brands.


Eco group has started its activity in air conditioning systems since 2000. Besides executing projects such as hotels, department stores and many other illustrious projects, this group has started the production of air conditioning systems under the brand TASK since 2008.

It has executed hundred projects in different areas of country with slogan “optimization of energy consumption”. With eight years research and development, investigating the needs of country in ventilation and several patents in Indirect Evaporative Cooling Systems (M-cycle), heat and mass exchanger (HMX) and etc. Eco group has set up a new company to produce air conditioning systems with the highest modern technology.

“Renewable Energies” Trading & Manufacturing company engages in manufacture of air conditioning systems with the best optimization of energy consumption and the latest world technology; Eco group represents an environment with the best ventilation and the minimum monthly payments by using renewable energies.

This company offers a variety of choices for HVAC systems from hygienic HVAC units to modern systems such as various energy recoveries and multi-stage indirect evaporative cooling (M-cycle) to satisfy every customer’s needs and help develop a green and clean world. Furthermore, Eco Group provides a unique service that ensures your system operates at optimized efficiency, in both energy management and in system performance.

Learn more about our company

  • Eco Group is an EPC contractor company. In the construction industry, EPC is an acronym for Engineering, Procurement and Construction in connection with projects such as tank terminals. It is a standard term that refers to a special form of project execution and contract design.

  • Under an EPC contract a contractor is obliged to deliver a complete facility to a developer who need only turn a key to start operating the facility, hence EPC contracts are sometimes called turnkey construction contracts.

  • In addition to delivering a complete facility, the contractor must deliver that facility for a guaranteed price by a guaranteed date and it must perform to the specified level. Failure to comply with any requirement will usually result in the contractor incurring monetary liabilities.

  • The EPC contractor coordinates all design, procurement and construction work and ensures that the whole project is completed as required and in time. She/he may or may not undertake actual site work.

  • Eco Group includes 5 sub-branches which are active in the field of procurement. Eco Part, Eco Channel, Eco Control, Eco Filter and Eco Fan. for more information click here

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