Nicotra Gebhardt Fans (Made in Italy)

Nicotra Gebhardt is the first port of call for profiled impeller blades. They use the latest simulation programs to develop and test new designs. You can rely on the knowledge and experience of specialists.

Centrifugal Impeller:
  • RLO E1-3135-D
  • RLO E1-3540-D
  • RLO E1-4045-D
  • RLO E1-5663-D
  • RLO E1-6371-D
  • RLO 51-4550-D
  • RLO 51-5056-D
Centrifugal Fans AT: belt driven
  • AT 9/9
  • AT 10/10
  • AT 12/12
  • AT 15/15
  • AT 18/18
nicotra gebhardt